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Thanks for checking out our site. We have lots of great ideas and tips for your upcoming fundraiser. Fundraising can be fun if you have the right tools and an absolute hassle if not! We have searched and searched all available fundraisers and only list the most profitable and easy ones available! We know that fundraising can be a bummer and time consuming but it is necessary when achieving team goals!

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Ever wonder why some fundraisers are really successful and some were a huge waste of time?

In the past, I have had fundraisers that  I thought were going to be a huge success.  I had all intentions of meeting our goal and thought we would actually exceed our goal.  But to my surprise it was a total flop!  Now, because I have done so many fundraisers I have found a no flop fundraising formula!  First, you have to have a plan!  Who are you targeting?  Who will benefit from what you are selling?  How much do you need to raise?  If you do not meet your goal will you need to do another fundraiser?  These are some questions you should ask your group before you start.  For instance, most high school football teams have to raise an insane amount of money just to participate and that is not even including the other “optional fee’s” that can range up to $800 per year.

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Most parents do not realize the expense when getting their kids involved in high school sports.  Little do they know it is almost a full time job financially and not to mention the transportation and travel time included.  That is why many football fundraising ideas are set in place to maximize the teams success!  It is crucial for booster clubs and team coaches to do their research and find the most financially beneficial fundraisers out there to minimize time and maximize profits!


Another high school sport that needs a lot of financial backing is cheerleading!  Wow, these kids really have to bend over backwards to earn their keep!  Cheerleading fundraisers are crucial and not just during the school year, these kids are fundraising all year around!  Many camps are held in the summer so they are all prepped and ready to cheer on the teams during the school year.

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The cheerleaders may make it look easy but in reality they have a ton of responsibility to take on as youths.  Fundraising is not for everyone!  Unfortunately, with team sports, you have to be a team player in all areas – and that includes fundraising!  That’s why it is important to find a good fundraiser that sells itself with little or no money down!  With that in mind, you can’t lose!  There are many companies out there that offer a no risk opportunity!  These are the companies that guarantee their product because they know it works!


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